Winter Sailing

 A winter day in San Francisco.

A winter day in San Francisco.

Focusing on boat upgrades and surviving the summer fog has made me very nostalgic for winter sailing. Winter sailing in San Francisco is one of my absolute favorite things. When it's dry, the waters and wind are calm, the sun shines, temperatures soar to 80 degrees, and it's heavenly. These are not the thrilling conditions the Bay is known for, but they are excellent for things like champagne, picnics, and sun hats.

We were lucky enough to have some of our favorite people join us on the way:

From the top, excluding ourselves: Devon Wilson; Amy Ravenscroft; Colin Wilson; KC Taylor, Jonathan Taylor; Frank Reichert, my Dad, Dawn Polvorosa; Shad Springer, Maggie Yates (on a day that was way too sunny to get a good shot); Dimitri Dolci; Krister Bowman. There are two awesome sailors not pictured: Amanda Bowman and Amanda Levin. Thankfully, they took plenty of pictures of us: Ms. Bowman took the picture above, and Ms. Levin took the bio picture of me on this page. 

ps. Perpetually nostalgic for this sailing trip...