Leaving the Tuamotus

We’re a little nervous to be leaving the Tuamotus considering how spoiled we have become. Empty beaches, shallow lagoons, clear water, abundant wildlife, friends nearby to call on the VHF radio (which has all the thrill of childhood walkie-talkies) have become the norm. There have been long swims through coral heads and palm tree motus pulsing with birds. Outside every portlight is a postcard-worthy paradise, and these sailors have been loving the view. How will any other islands compete with these salt water fish tanks surrounded by sand?

After a weekend of 35 knot winds, conditions have calmed to comfortable. We had a final day of fun in the sun yesterday, and Dominic and I are getting underway this afternoon. We’ve been in the Tuamotus for a month and three days, cruising between Makemo, Tahanea, and Fakarava. These locations are gorgeous and protected odes to nature, the sunsets the colors of peaches and plums.

We’re expecting a litte bit of culture shock when we arrive in Papeete, the central hub of Tahiti and the largest city in the South Pacific, with its commercial district, bustling marina, and resorts. We have errands to run: grocery shopping (yes!) and, some lightweight boat gear to purchase. Though we’ll be busy, we’ll be busy in Tahiti, so I’m hoping it won’t be too taxing of an experience ; )

Tahiti, you guys! We’re sailing to Tahiti!