Five Fiji Favorites

We're leaving Fiji! Maxing out our tourist visas to the very last day, we're raising anchor this morning and leaving for Vanuatu. Our four-month circum-Fijian navigation has been a dream—enjoying so many islands, adventures, wildlife, and wonderful people in such a small area has been a fantastic balance to the nautical-mile-making extravaganza that was our experience last season.

Instead of falling into a melancholic reverie, I thought it might be more fun to say good-bye to Fiji with an easy float down memory river...

1. My Parent's Visit

Our times on the boat were never as exciting and unpredictable as when we had these two onboard, and the passage north from New Zealand with my Dad was about as good as father-daughter bonding can get.

2. Dimitri!

It's hard to imagine another scenario in which we'd be able to entice one of our siblings to hang out with us for three straight weeks. Dominic and Dimitri did lots of trolling, spear fishing, waterfall jumping, and giggling while he was here, and he never shied away from amusing us with his feats of physical strength. So much fun!

3. Falaga

Despite the island paradises ahead of us, Dominic has already named Falaga his favorite anchorage of the South Pacific. With its turquoise lagoon, sugary sand beaches, homey village, and coral that wouldn't quit, I'm tempted to agree.

4. Mantas

We did nearly ten manta dives while we were in Fiji and gushed about them so much that our friends on Il Sogno gifted us a carved manta for our anniversary. It didn't hurt that the mantas were gliding over some of the 300-plus species of coral that thrive in Fiji and often crossed tales with lemon sharks, turtles, spotted eagle rays, and all sorts of oceanic delights.

Fijian Coral.jpg

5. As Seen from the Cockpit

Things above the water line weren't too shabby either. Our favorite vista was Waya Island, getting to watching the contours of her basaltic crags shift with the shadows over the course of the day.

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