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Corinne DOLCI

Educator• Writer • Adventurer

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Credentialed in English, Spanish, and Social Studies, I’ve spent six years in secondary classrooms teaching writing, literature, language, and history. Currently, I specialize in:

  • College Admissions Essay Coaching

  • Tutoring in English and History

  • English as a Second Language


With a sense for effective communication and sensibility for style, writing has been my means for understanding the world for as long as I can remember. My wonder for words propelled me through earning a BA in Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing. From academic prose to tales of sailing the wine-dark seas, I offer content and editing by request and on speculation.


Growing up, where do you want to go? was always a more magnetic question than what do you want to be? Glimmering with the golden architecture in Versaille, blowing bubbles with humpback calves in Tonga, sailing to the shores of epic Ithaca, I'm now lucky enough to hold these dreams as memories. Awestruck by human innovation and untouched nature alike, I seek inspiration in writing and learning at the altar of adventure.

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In 2015, Dominic and Corinne Dolci left San Francisco aboard their Island Packet 380 Helios to spend two years sailing the South Pacific. Explore their adventure archives below.




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