Dominic Dolci's sailing career began in the San Franscisco Bay aboard the Berletti family boat, Dolce Brezza.  Being a mechanical engineer from UC Berkeley, he could read a pulley and intuit the mechanics of the wind as though they were poems. With his natural sailing prowess, and a willingness to work that surpassed all Berletti children combined, Dominic quickly rose to the ranks of first mate. After realizing sailing was more than just a romantic ploy, Dominic took the helm at Club Nautique and has completed his Ocean Passagemaker's Certification. 

Dominic likes to eat meat, finish boat projects without his shirt on, and discuss his emotional experience. He dislikes finding particulate matter left in the sponge after the dishes are done.

Corinne Dolci (née Berletti) was about 16 months old when she had her first sailing lesson aboard her family's Columbia 26, Laurie. Her childhood was full of afternoons cruising San Francisco Bay, weeks sail-camping in Ayala Cove, and late nights sleeping among sails in the v-birth. She developed expertise early on in the finer points of provisioning---finding the perfect camembert to spread in high knot wind, serving sauvignon blanc at a twenty degree heel. A teacher and writer by trade, when she and Dominic married and committed to the sailing lifestyle, she formalized her technical knowledge by completing her Basic Cruising Certification at Club Nautique. 

Corinne loves incorporating cheese into every meal, reading novels in the cockpit, philosophizing about varnish, and using skin care products derived from rose petals. She has a vitriolic dislike of bananas.