Fleet Week Fun!

Fleet Week always feels a bit like the Fourth of July, like summer has come back to make the middle of October shine. It has the same red, white and blue patriotic fervor, the same stickiness of sun block and picnic lunches, there are are enough boats for a parade, and all is followed by front row seats to a pretty incredible air show. On Sunday, Dominic's sister, Felicity, joined us with her husband, Jon, and their two sons, Carson and Dean. The day was gorgeous, the Bay was packed, and we slowly motored south west of Angel Island for a killer view and to make sure we could really feel the drumming strums of the engines as they flew overhead. 

Carson and Dean are the first kiddos we've had aboard Helios, and they seemed to really enjoy it. They tested every seat, helped Dominic steer, and encouraged him to drive the boat faster. Most importantly, no one went overboard or experienced sea sickness, so I consider the day a huge success! 

Some of my first memories of sailing are of watching the Blue Angles with my parents aboard Laurie, our Columbia 26, so I loved getting  to pay some of that good sailing karma forward. Other highlights included the always gorgeous vistas the Bay has to offer, and, of course, the over head entertainment.

Fleet Week is also a great opportunity to scope out other boats. Above is the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, a Liberty ship built during World War II that participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Below is the San Francisco Belle. She was built in 1994 in the style of a steam power river boat, and these days looks stately while giving private tours of the Bay.

Lot's of fun for everyone! As our departure approaches, its more and more exciting to have friends and family come visit while we're close by, a luxury we will certainly miss!