Dodger and Bimini!

The finished product!

The finished product!

I'm super excited to show off our recent upgrade, the dodger and bimini! The dodger is the windshield-like structure at the front of the cockpit, the bimini covers the helm, and there is a removable panel that connects the two. Aside from being a primary focal point, the dodger and bimini are critical for protection from the elements. They provide shade and wind protection every single day and become an important piece of safety equipment should we find ourselves sailing in foul weather. 

When we purchased Helios, we didn't have a bimini at all. The dodger we had was solid for bay sailing and has served us admirably thus far:

However, you can see the canvas is starting to mold a bit on the top, and the reinforcement edging is starting to chap. After admiring our neighbor's canvas work, they recommended the team at Iverson's Designs. Iverson's has an awesome operation. They're based in Seattle, but travel all over the West Coast building custom dodgers. They worked with us to measure and design the dodger and bimini, then they sent down and installed the the stainless metal work. When they were done, they used plastic to make a mock-up of the canvas:

About four weeks later, which happened to be last Thursday, our friends from Iverson's came out for the final install. We are thrilled with the results. Some of our favorite things are the sleek curves of the canvas work, the durability and quality of all materials involved, and the arch for solar panels on the top.

Iverson's Dodgers was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. They were organized, professional, and personally invested in the quality of the work.  I was super impressed by their efficiency, teamwork, and how much fun we had throughout the installation.


We're very happy boat owners! Why not celebrate?