At Anchor

Another day, another bay, another ridiculously beautiful hike, another impromptu head wrap to keep the sun off my skin...yesterday we spent the afternoon anchored in the pass west of Waewaetorea Island. The island was small, and the beach was soft and sandy, giving the water a blue brightness we haven't seen since leaving the tropics. The trail was more hidden than others we've explored. We spent the climb bush-wacking (or tramping, as the hardy Kiwis might say) in the knee-deep-in-grass equivalent of fresh powder. Our picnic vistas were worth the climb: we had ocean views, bay views, Urupukapuka Island views, and even had time for a little photo shoot. Can you spot Helios?  She's just beyond the mast of the historical tall ship in the photo.

The anchorage was too rolly for a comfortable night, so when our adventuring was done we cruised back to one of our favorite anchorages so far, Roberton Island, to enjoy a relaxing evening and a dinner time pizza party. We're loving our Bay of Islands routine, so much so that it is very easy to ignore the boat projects in Whangarei that await us in the near future.