First post via sat phone!

The food gods of Ensenada must have read my last post and smiled, because Wednesday afternoon our new friends Eric and Patty stopped by bearing sunflowers and telling tales of a health food store they found that shared a building with a winery, bakery, and fromagerie. A cheese market, "full of organic cheeses," Patty said, "and logs of chocolate!" Cheese shop! Logs of chocolate! Yes, please!

So Thursday morning, Eric, Patty and I set off on a 20 minute walk up Miramar Street and came upon a lovely alley way of quaint brick buildings that felt reminiscent of my favorite shops on College Avenue. Also in stock at the fromagerie: salsa de chapulines. I opted for an assortment of olive bread, cheese, and chocolate instead.

In other news, we're back in the water, wrapping up our boat projects, and provisioning up for a Monday departure (yowza!). The satellite phone is up and running, so we can download weather data and post to the blog on the go. We're planning to do a test sail tomorrow afternoon, and are looking forward to sharing some of Helios' shiny new features.