Pictures from Nuku Hiva (or not…)

Dominic and I are sitting in the single internet cafe in Nuku Hiva. It's a series of long tables under a canopy, lined with bunches of bananas and dripping with extension cords. It has the only public access wifi on the island, serves doughnuts and sashimi. I had a dream of uploading more pictures from Nuku Hiva, but the connection is slower than the sat phone (which takes 10 minutes per picture and frequent reconnecting), and an hour later I got one uploaded! Above is a picture of the mountain in Anaho Bay, taken from our starboard deck. Dominic was playing around with the 'high drama' setting on the camera. Enjoy, it took a silly amount of effort to share.

We're heading to the Tuomotus tomorrow for more vacation and blissful tech-free time, but perhaps we'll have better internet luck when we reach Tahiti.