Bob the Booby and a Minor Correction...

This is Bob, he is a booby and has been keeping up with our blog. Seeing what huge booby fans we are, he decided to make Helios his temporary home. After making 15 or so passes at our bimini, some of which involved very awkward sliding and colliding with our stainless steel and falling into the water, he nailed his upwind landing onto our central solar panel. He posed for many pictures. He felt relaxed enough to go to bathroom and roost during squalls. He’s a juvenile, and we figure he was exhausted and separated from his family. But he stayed, fishing and circling and nesting, for about two days, and his stay began to take a toll on our solar charge. He was undeterred by Dominic’s attempts to hint that he had overstayed his welcome. He seemed to enjoy being sprayed by water, and he was totally unintimidated by our spinning yellow towel. Finally, after a few gentle pushes with our boat hook, he took his leave.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him.

And as for the correction: I reported that we had traveled 22,000 miles, when in fact we had traveled 2,200 miles. Silly numbers. It certainly feels closer to 22,000 miles at this point. We have strong, 30 knot southeasterlies on our beam and we’ve been rockin’ between 5 and 7.5 knots for the last 70 hours. We’re currently at 2,500 miles, and have 488 to go!