Sunny Thoughts

Check out all that sunshine! Dominic took this photo while we were hiking in Moorea last week.

At the moment we're in Patio, the north-most village on the island Tahaa, and going on 72 hours of overcast, drizzly weather. We left Huahine on Saturday, catching 18 knots of wind from the back end of a passing squall and spending our first hour underway on a smooth beam reach. We went for a misty hike in Haamene Bay on Sunday, and are making our way around the north coast of the island.

Rain clouds the forecast through mid-week, though this morning we woke to lighter clouds and can see Bora Bora in the distance.

In the meantime, we're grocery shopping and doing yoga, assembling our drogue kit and catching up on our correspondences, watching DVDs of Grateful Dead concerts, organizing pictures, remembering strolling on sunny days, with bright skies, and finding horses grazing in the shade.