Stingray Soiree

Bora Bora, with its shallow sandy shelves, offers more opportunities for Stingray encounters. We could scope the primary Stingray site from our boat and were able to time our visit between tour groups. There were thirteen rays and a Spiny cowfish that crowded our dinghy when we arrived, climbing on top of each other to be the first to receive any treats we might offer. Unfortunately for the rays, we were bad guests and didn't bring any food to the party.

They didn't brush up against us the way the rays in Moorea did, but we all swam together, and when they grew bored they buried themselves in the sand. We espied one Blacktip reef shark and one Devilray, and as we snorkeled back to the boat we saw coral clusters (mostly dead) populated by damselfish and a triggerfish or two.

Yesterday, we cruised around the lagoon and anchored on the eastern side of the main island. There are plenty of Stingrays here, and a few dive spots that feature steep underwater cliffs, deep water, and ocean currents, the ideal situation for Manta rays. We haven't seen any Mantas since the Marquesas, so we're excited to hop back in the swimming-pool clear water and see what we can find.