Maewo Underwater


Maewo had the most extensive underwater delights we've found in Vanuatu. The southwestern end of the bay boasts a large bommy and a point that juts out into the pass between Maewo and her western neighbor Ambae. 

There is fantastic wildlife along the bommy and the point—spotted eagle rays, clown triggerfish, a small school of bumphead parrot fish (which are insane, each the size of a humpheaded wrass), large schools of snapper and sweetlips, and even a few small tuna. 

Dominic's favorite part was the spearfishing; my favorite part was the coral and sea fan studded ravines that lead into perfect mermaid grottos carved out of the island. 

The area also had me longing for scuba gear. The shallow areas were mostly exposed boulders, but down around 60 feet the coral started looking very healthy.

VanuatuCorinne DolciComment