Meanwhile, in New Zealand...


…it has been drizzling since we landed! There was enough of a pause in the sprinkling for me to run to the grocery store yesterday. Other than that it has been raining, not really pouring, but we've been snoring, trying to catch up on sleep after a red eye flight that made Wednesday disappear. 

Helios remains in excellent condition, I'm very pleased (and relieved) to report, and so do we. We got to travel home in both directions, our concept of 'home' seeming to now include the vastness of an ocean and our boat on the far side of it. We got to travel towards friends we're excited to see in both directions. I spent a lot of time while home trying to describe our experience at sea and never really felt satisfied, but at this moment I feel a sense of expansion, like my network of people and places I know and love has been amplified.

Because who wouldn't love arriving to their boat and finding welcome gifts from their cruiser buddies? Thanks, Arbutus!