Milford Sound

And it was in Milford that we made our first attempt at an in-air, jumping photo! I can't think of anywhere more stunning to practice our aerial selfie timing—we had a bluebird day, comfortably cool temperatures, and more cliffs, snow caps, and waterfalls than we had time to enjoy. 

The highlight was a ride aboard a steel hulled motor cruiser. The captain was willing to abut the boat against the sheer cliffs so we could best enjoy the waterfalls, which even on a dry day were astounding in their beauty (but you can imagine being in a boat so close to the granite made us both very, very nervous!).

Perhaps the only thing more spectacular than the waterfalls were the waterfalls with rainbows.

As we returned to the dock, a pod of dolphin drifted by. Dolphin at sea are generally moving fast, silver bullets dashing by the hull, but this crew was kicking back, joining us for an easy ride, relaxing in the sunny sounds.