Return of the Crew


My dad is back! Two days after we got Helios back in the water, my dad flew in from San Francisco; he is going to be crewing with us as we sail north from New Zealand to Fiji. 

He's been with us for a week and made himself popular onboard by taking over cooking responsibilities, lugging provisions, cleaning the stove, combating mold, and refurbishing a fair amount of teak on his own.  

Cruising with three people proves to be a whole different ball game. It's magical from my perspective: I wake up, breakfast is made; I do a sewing project, and (poof!) the kitchen is clean. It's a miracle!

In addition to putting him to work, we've hiked to waterfalls in Whangarei and had excellent luck birding here in the Bay of Islands. We're excited to have him here!