Fiji Bound!


We are off! Our last week in New Zealand was one for the record books—two idyllic days of 15 knot winds behind us sailing up the coast, finishing boat projects in Shire-like anchorages, end of season cruising parties, riding in the dinghy at night with a phosphorescent green wake, seeking alpha centauri in the southern night ski.

Have I mentioned, yet, how much I will miss New Zealand? 

It's a good thing Fiji is on the horizon; it is getting colder here, so tropical temperatures and swim-able waters are a welcome change.

We raised the hook today and are just underway as I'm typing (1245 on May 4, New Zealand time) and we are ready for passage: the ice box is stocked with chili, chicken pot pie, and quiche; dock lines are stored, fenders deflated; lee cloths are hung from the sea births with care; and with Pops here crewing, Dominic and I are looking forward to a lot more sleep than we have had on passages in the past.

Our destination is Savu Savu, Fiji, and we are hoping to swing a stop at Minerva Reef on the way north. The wind forecast isn't as dreamy as it could be, northerly winds as we depart, so we are planning to head east and then turn north as winds clock eastward (hopefully minimizing upwind sailing in the days to come).

These are mere plans and predictions, written in the sand at low tide. From here on out, we will be setting our compass to whatever conditions the sea sends our way.