Dog Tooth


The clouds lifted enough by Wednesday evening for us to enjoy some final adventures in Falaga. We went for a dive on the reef outside the pass Thursday morning, spotting two-foot spade fish, an eight-foot grey reef shark, a tornado of four-foot barracuda, and a school of snapper 100 deep. It was magnificent, even if we were racing against squalls looming on the horizon.

On our second dive in through the pass, I towed the dinghy so Dominic could do some spearfishing—he caught his first tuna! This beauty was swimming some eight or ten feet from us when Dominic pulled the trigger. It took a few minutes for us to get ourselves and the fish into the dinghy. We were grateful that the only fish around who seemed curious about the kill was another dog tooth; none of the swarming reef sharks notorious for taxing a catch at the first scent of fish blood in the water.

As we had been bereft of any protein on board since our walu in Munia, we gladly feasted on sashimi for lunch and pan fried tuna for dinner. Delicious!


FijiCorinne DolciComment