Tear Jerker

After five weeks of non-stop waxing and polishing, Dominic left Helios on the dock in Australia and flew home to California last week.

Saying goodbye to our trustworthy Helios. She has been a superb vessel that allowed us to roam safely and comfortably across the mighty Pacific, while exploring some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. Corinne and I will miss her and the adventures she took us on dearly.

Dominic texted me this photo as he left for the airport on Thursday. Dominic seems all smiles in the photo, but it was the first time since coming home that I felt my eyes filling up with tears. Helios still felt like such a part of the family when we were at least talking about her over the phone on a daily basis.

Even though Dominic is here, she remains very much in our thoughts: we're still waiting on getting paper work through various Australian bureaucracies before we can officially put her on the market, so we're owners-in-absentia for the time being.

In the meantime, I've been raising my spirits by sorting through many photos and videos from our adventures—excited to share with this speedy US internet connection we've been enjoying!