As Seen Underway

And today, we’re off. We have another lovely day sail on the agenda, making passage eastward from Ha’afeva to one of the barrier islands in Ha’apai, Uonukuhahake (which is Tongan for Lobster Island). Light winds and calm seas are in the forecast, so despite being an upwind passage we’re expecting another gorgeous, easy day of sailing in the tropics.

Uonukuhahake has much to tempt us her direction. She’s uninhabited, with shallow sand bars that connect her to her neighbors north and south; it’s the lobster that live among these shallows that lend the island her name. There is snorkeling all around, including an open pass between the oceanic, western length of the island and the lagoon side where we will call home for the next few days.

Photo credit for the day goes to Sundy aboard Arbutus. She captured Helios looking sexy on our last passage between Uoleva and Ha’afeva.