Bull Mahi

Our fishing mojo returned as we cruised in the waters around Malekula. We hooked a 1.35 meter bull mahi in between squalls as we sailed from Gaspard Bay to Banam Bay. It was an exciting catch—we were in 1-1.5 meters of choppy, confused seas as Dominic reefed the sails and reeled in the catch. I stood by with the gaff, hooking him through the chin so Dominic could subdue the fish over the side of the boat and hoist him into the cockpit.

We caught a second mahi in calmer conditions. We were sailing eastward between Malekula and Pentecost, in the lee of Ambrym’s twin volcanoes, when the reel started chirping. I reefed the main as Dominic reeled in a smaller 1 meter mahi. I gaffed her through the gills, and Dominic hauled her into cockpit to be cleaned.

Nearly two years underway, we’ve got our fishing routine down to a choreographed pas de deux between captain and crew. The timing couldn’t be better to start catching some fresh food; we’re nearly three weeks out of Port Vila and our last grocery store, and the fresh food supply in the icebox has been getting increasingly sparse. But we’re well stocked on salsa and beans, and my tortilla making skills are in full bloom. Fish tacos for days!