Congratulations, Bob and Vanessa!!!

Two of our absolute favorite people from home are getting married today, our dear friends Bob and Vanessa. When I think of our favorite memories from the last ten years, these two are usually at the center of the fun: football tailgates, ski trips, weekends in wine country and Seattle, happy hours in San Francisco and Berkeley—I can’t imagine what my twenties would have been like without Vanessa’s mad party planning skills and Bob’s dry, wry sense of humor.

We’re so sad to miss the festivities, but Dominic and I are there in spirit and sending so much love and support their way, the airwaves between Tonga and California must be bursting with joy and happiness. We look forward to a lifetime of fabulous couple friendship ahead!!!

Felicitaciones, mazel tov, chin chin, congratulations—eat, drink and be married, you two!!