South Pacific Rainbow of Joy

Our first day underway was better than we could have hoped for: cerulean skies, 22 knot winds just aft of our beam, and seas no larger than half a meter. It was comfortable, breezy, balmy sailing at its finest, and we were even treated to an evening rainbow as a swath of dark clouds drifted overhead to refract beams of light from the sinking sun. The winds faded over the course of the night, and we fired up the motor around 2 am and have been motor-sailing and averaging six and a half knots since.

Neither of us slept particularly well, which is typical of the first night underway as we settle into our passage-making routine, but the cuisine is excellent, Iā€™m approaching the end of my second book, Dominic is trolling for more mahi, and spirits are high. Even higher, perhaps, as the winds just started puffing enough to give the engine a break, and we can enjoy the languid rhythm of the hull swishing through the swell.