The Sun Shines in Foa

Readers of the blog, rejoice! The sun is out! Gone (for now) are the days spent down below, cooking, cleaning, and watching Dominic’s beard grow.

We made good use of our time confined to the boat—taking care of some projects we wanted to complete before our passage to New Zealand, having pizza parties with our neighbors aboard Arbutus—but we were ecstatic to wake Sunday morning to a sun dappled galley and breakfast in the cockpit. The winds subsided over the course of the day, so we spent the afternoon exploring a coral village about a quarter mile off our stern. The reef was active with fish, colorful reef dwellers at the surface and larger, more appetizing swimmers 40 feet down under.

The forecast is bright for the upcoming week, so we’re looking forward to replenishing our food supplies in the village, diving the pass on the northern tip of our current island, Foa, and seeing what adventures the anchorages south of us in the Ha'apai group have in store.