Fisherman Dom

Dominic has stepped up his snorkel status from keen observer to fierce hunter. The reef around Foa provides the ideal seascape: ample coral, water that is shallow enough to dive comfortably (10-30 feet), and exposure to deeper waters that keeps larger, pelagic fish in the area.

The shark population also happens to be low. Even though we're dining at the same buffet, we've only seen two black tips, one adult and one baby, since we've been in Ha'apai. It's a good thing, as sharks are notorious for eating fish fresh off the spear before the fisherman can get his catch back in the boat. I offer some support by spotting fish and attempting to herd them toward Dominic.

We're heading to Uoleva, an island south of us, today. We're going to troll on our way there this morning, hop in the water with the speargun this afternoon, so, with any luck, we'll be supping on sushi this evening. An armada of boats arrived in the anchorage yesterday from Vava'u, all having caught large tuna and mahi mahi. We've got the fever!