Sunday Sailing with Family

Dominic and I are enjoying being at the point in our projects where Helios is ready for a day sail anytime.  This weekend, despite a drizzly Saturday, Sunday was crystal clear. The winds were light and a bit flukey. We started the day with a northerly breeze and motor sailed to the the city front, and things remained pretty light passed Alcatraz. By the time we returned to the estuary, we had a solid westerly that carried us at 4.9 knots past the Port of Oakland. Break neck speed!

We had the pleasure of having Dominic's aunt and uncle, Carol and Mike, aboard. Aunt Carol, without competition, wins the award for most enthusiastic passenger aboard Helios to date. She is a passionate lover of the ocean, and she and Uncle Mike have taken numerous cruises—to the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean, to Hawaii, and even from Hawaii to the South Pacific. I had only met these two briefly at the wedding, so getting to know them better was an absolute delight.

Proving herself a kindred sprit once again, Aunt Carol did avid research and crafting to prepare for the day's sail. She presented us with a gorgeous folder (I love the anchor motif!) filled with readings on the relevant historical points of interest in and around our local waterway. I'll be a much better informed tour guide going forward, no doubt. Thanks, Aunt Carol!

And so another gorgeous day aboard Helios passes in the company of some of the people we care about most, and Dominic and I have that much more energy to carry forth and toil on the boat. Dominic is finishing the windlass installation as I type this, I am watching the first coat of varnish dry on the very last stretch of teak to go, the Giants are one win away from a World Series title, and we are T minus five weeks from ready-to-go time. Good times, people, very good times.

Go Giants!

Go Giants!