Friendtastic Sunday Sail

If I had to pick two words to describe our sail this weekend they would be rigorous and friendtastic. Rigorous because of the weather—we were cruising the tail winds of the warm front that brought the Bay some much needed rain on Friday. We had strong winds throughout the day, between 15 and 23+ knots, that kept a parade of dramatic cloud formations marching westward south of San Francisco. The city itself, and the North Bay, were sparkly and crystalline. But despite the sunshine, this was not a placid, wintery cocktail cruise; this was serious sailing.

Friendtastic because the company we had aboard was so awesome I had to invent a new word. Two of Dominic's college pals and their lady friends joined us. Kevin and Connor winched and giggled their way through the day, clearly relishing the engineering talk and the 15 degree heel, while Maggie and Jen kept the smiles coming and made for excellent companionship and conversation.

Kevin & Jen

Maggie & Connor

It has been an incredible treat to be able to sail with so many of the people we love over the past few weeks and the past year. A luxury we will miss!