Pocket Projects

One of my ongoing projects since moving aboard has been to increase our storage space by making pockets to hang on available vertical surfaces. This was something we anticipated, so we decided to invest in heavy duty sewing machine, the Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Plus, last winter. It has made constructing my first sewing projects and absolute dream. These are the results thus far:

This tripartite bag holds three items from left to right: spearfishing gun, interchangeable broom handle, and the happy hooker (used for getting a line around a mooring ball). This fine bag lives in the aft cabin, snuggled next to its cousin, the shoe bag:

I made similar such bags for the head (for small toiletry items) and the galley (for towels). On deck are sheet bags for the cockpit, and storage bags for the master cabin. Stay tuned!