Makes sailing look really easy….


This article tells the story of a Bay Area couple currently rowing from Monterey to Oahu. These two are an athletic dynamic-duo, and combine personal growth with social consciousness:

The two are rowing in a 20-foot-long, 5-foot-wide carbon fiber boat named Roosevelt - after the nation’s adventuresome 26th president. The boat weighs 1,400 pounds unloaded, and 2,900 pounds fully loaded with food and gear. There is no engine and sail, and there will be no support or chase boats following along.

Inkinen and Loring are using the voyage as a test to their bodies, minds and marriage. But they are also trying to raise awareness around healthy eating and the risks associated with sugar.

They're raising money and documenting their journey on their website, Fat Chance Row. I will think of them if I ever feel like raising the sails is too much work! 


Thanks, Ms. Buchanan, for sending the article my way.

Corinne DolciComment