Projects and Sunsets

We enjoyed a melting sunset every night we were anchored off Marina Taina; it was our daily reprieve from boat work. We cleaned the mystery funk and gunk from the icebox, made three trips to the grocery store, and purchased new line so we can put a third reef in the mainsail. Though we’re in downtown Papeete now, the fun hasn’t stopped. I’m headed to the Grande Marche to search out more fresh vegetables, and Dominic was up at 6:30 to get started on his second day in a row of working on engine maintenance. We’re glad that our chores are all routine in nature. We’ve met many boats that have been here for weeks waiting for parts to be shipped in or waiting for to be hauled out. All that time on the hard in Mexico is paying off!

There were some small Bastille Day celebrations yesterday: a military parade downtown, talk of fireworks that never came to fruition. We treated ourselves to a nice long walk through town, and had a pier party with our friends around the marina in the evening. It feels a bit like being back in college—our boat buddies all docked within 50 yards, bustling about during the day, unwinding together in the evening. Makes the boat projects much easier to know that we’re not alone in our labors.