Though we might not pull off the look with the same panache as Dominic, we're all feeling a bit like mer-people today in Papeete as we endure our second day of rain. These are the first few rainy days we've had since arriving in the tropics, and it's not too bad since we're just doing chores anyway. Stormy conditions make excellent floor scrubbing weather, even if Dominic got an impromptu shower while out running errands yesterday.

Despite my attempts to see the light through the clouds, we're both feeling ready to move on. The novelty of being served in restaurants has worn off and we've noticed the food is mediocre. The thrill of wifi is dampened by its sloth-like speed. Homesickness becomes more profound as free diving adrenaline wanes, and we remain tethered to a dock. 

The good news is we've been successful with our Tahiti tasks and, with any luck, we'll cast off in the next day or two. At which point, Moorea will go from silhouette on the horizon to starting point of our next round of adventures.