Flowers, Sequins, and Pearls

Costumes are big in my family. Growing up, I was as likely to find a sparkling tutu on the dining room table as I was to find a meal, and my mom has been known to sew so much bling onto a pair of jeans that they become too heavy to wear. My sister's groom's family hails from India, so for the wedding (tomorrow!) she and her bridesmaids will be bedecked in dazzling saris and my brother will be wearing, what I've only heard referred to as, his "god costume".

I've always had a thing for clothes, but, in a small act of familial rebellion, I've resisted the sparkle. My wedding dress was flowing charmeuse with nary a bead, and not a single sequin made it onboard Helios.

The Polynesian Heiva costumes, though, they get me—the flowers and feathers, the fragrances! Such decadent luxury, such soft petals, such opulent mother of pearl, they drive me wild!

I spent yesterday prancing around Papeete in an orchid and jasmine crown, I'm still wearing it now, and I'm here to say the flower crown is here to stay.

Seems like some of the black pearls we've been seeing around town might accent it nicely, don't you think? ; )